G3-rapport om svenska onlinemarknaden

G3 är en världsomspännande månadstidning för spel- och speloperatören. Det ger spelrelaterade nyheter, information och marknadsstatistik. Nyligen kom en ny rapport om läget på spelmarknaden online i Sverige.

Many companies licensed in the sector saw disappointing revenue figures for 2019. There are issues with controlling the unlicensed sector whilst low channelisation rates are hindering the market and making it difficult for licensed operators. There are also claims that penalty cases against licensed operators are unjust whilst unlicensed operators are not penalised.

Jenny Nilzon at trade association SPER explains:

“SPER shares the government’s concern that social isolation and economic vulnerability due to Corona risks increasing mental illness for vulnerable groups. SPER therefore understands that under the current circumstances, with the alarming spread of the virus and the consequences of that, the government is extending the ordinance on temporary liability measures due to the disease Covid-19.

“Having said that, SPER wants to emphasise that it needs to be investigated whether or not it can be seen that a change in risk behaviour or increased gambling problems have occurred due to the pandemic. It is also important to analyse whether applied gambling liability measures have had the desired effect and protected consumers. For SPER, gambling responsibility is long-term work where the measures need to be based on facts and impact assessments.”

Läs hela rapporten här.