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About Sper 2023

Sper represents the gambling industry in Sweden with the mission to get a healthy, modern, and sustainable market. 

Agreed guidelines have been the backbone of Sper’s work and are now seen as case law in Sweden. 

Members of Sper are expected to keep the consumer’s best in focus and to work for a positive development of the industry from a sustainability perspective. This is achieved by setting, and following, guidelines for the responsibility for the player and for marketing. 

Duty of care

Gambling should be something that is made for fun, unfortunately that is not always the case. Some have an unhealthy relationship with gambling or are at risk of getting in trouble. The industry’s various operators and suppliers have a major responsibility for the player and for minimizing the risk of problems. The products, marketing, distribution and sales should all be designed to minimize the risk of excessive gambling.

Sper has created a common practice by developing and adopting principles and guidelines that aim to further strengthen the responsibility for the player in Sweden. This work and commitment not only ensures consumer protection but also a long-term sustainable gambling market. The guidelines are approved by all members of Sper.

Marketing and advertising

The legal framework for the Swedish gambling market consists of a large number of regulations such as the Gambling Act and the Marketing Act.

In addition to following the various laws, the members of Sper and Bos have agreed upon guidelines for ethical and moderate marketing, which help interpret the law and in some parts the guidelines also go further than the law. The guidelines are evolving as markets change, new products are added, and politicians and authorities make increased demands.

Included in the marketing guidelines:

  • Marketing should be reliable and not misleading
  • Moderation shall be observed when marketing
  • Marketing with supplementary benefits
  • Gaming marketing shall not be addressed to persons under the age of 18
  • Sponsoring shall be done in a spirit of responsibility gaming
  • Information on gaming related problems
  • Marketing shall not be designed so that it is perceived as intrusive
  • Marketing via social media and partners
  • Compliance with the guidelines

Pdf with the Swedish Gambling Marketing Guidelines.

Membership in Sper

The members in Sper consist of operators with permits issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority and suppliers within the industy.